FAQ Business Club

  • 1) How much does a trade visitor ticket BUSINESS cost?

    Click here to see an overview of our prices.

  • 2) Do I have to buy a normal ticket in addition to the trade visitor ticket BUSINESS?

    No. The trade visitor ticket BUSINESS also includes a normal ticket for entry to the Frankfurt Book Fair. The 1-day and 6-day BUSINESS tickets include 1-day and 5-day trade visitor tickets respectively. For access to the Fair and to use the public transport in the RMV area, please always carry your ticket with you.

  • 3) Is it possible to print out the ticket once I get there?

    No. Please print your ticket and bring it with you to Frankfurt. To gain entry to the exhibition site, you must be able to show a printed version of your ticket.

  • 4) Is the trade visitor ticket BUSINESS transferable?

    No. The Business Club ticket is issued personally and is non-transferable. The ticketholder’s name is printed on it.

  • 5) How can I get my ticket reissued in another person’s name?

    If for some reason you are unable to attend and you’d like to pass on your ticket to another individual, that’s fine. If want to sell or give your trade visitor ticket BUSINESS to someone else, just send us a short e-mail to: businessclub@book-fair.com. Please include the names and e-mail addresses of both the original ticket purchaser and the new visitor, as well as the date of purchase, the ticket number and ticket quantity, then we’ll do the rest and reissue the ticket. Please note that no refunds will be made by us. If you do not intend to give your ticket away, it is up to you to arrange for payment from the new holder. Tickets can be reissued in this way until 30 September 2017.

  • 6) How do I cancel my trade visitor ticket BUSINESS, and how much do you charge for cancellation?

    If you can’t use your ticket and you need to cancel it, please send us an e-mail to: businessclub@book-fair.com. Include the name and e-mail address of the original ticket purchaser, as well as the date of purchase, the ticket number and ticket quantity, then we’ll do the rest and cancel the ticket. The cost of cancellation comprises a EUR 5.99 fee plus 5.9% of the ticket price. This applies only to payments already made. To save the cost of cancellation, you may sell on your ticket by arranging for it to be reissued in another name, free of charge. Find out more about selling your ticket in the FAQs under: “How can I get my ticket reissued in another person’s name?”

  • 7) May I invite clients and other guests and business contacts to the lounge and meeting areas of the Business Club, if they do not have trade visitor tickets BUSINESS?

    Yes. For specific meetings, BUSINESS ticket holders may bring up to three people without BUSINESS tickets into the lounge and meeting areas of the Business Club. Needless to say, these guests are not entitled to participate in the Business Club programme. For this reason, tickets will be controlled for entry to the closed events. Additionally you can invite up to 3 guests to the daily Happy Hour from 6 pm.

  • 8) Are there any workspaces in the Business Club?

    A large number of seating and retreat options are available in the lounge areas of the Business Club. Here you will have access to Wi-Fi free of charge. You will also have the opportunity to recharge any devices you bring with you.

  • 9) Is there free catering in the Business Club?

    Yes. Water, tea and coffee are available free of charge throughout the day and a lunch buffet is provided daily. In addition to this, we offer you a Business Breakfast from Wednesday to Friday and wine and snacks each evening during the Happy Hour.

  • 10) When, and in what form will a catalogue of exhibitors be made available?

    The Exhibitors Catalogue is a printed product of the Frankfurt Book Fair, which we issue shortly before the beginning of the Fair. You will be given a copy at the central reception and registration counter of the Business Club (Hall 4.0, Foyer). This is also where BUSINESS ticket holders receive their name badges, as well as the details of the Business Club programme as a printed brochure.

  • 11) In the Business Club, is it possible to leave or lock up laptops and other things I might need at short notice?

    Yes. In the entrance area to the Business Club you will find a secure cloakroom, which you can use free of charge.

  • 12) How/where can I purchase individual tickets to conferences or seminars?

    An individual ticket is available for the Frankfurt Rights Meeting. Entry to this conference is also included in the 6-day BUSINESS ticket. For the Business Club conference "THE MARKETS" you have to purchase a 1-day or a 6-day BUSINESS ticket.

  • 13) Is it possible to buy a BUSINESS ticket directly at the Fair?

    Yes, you can still purchase a BUSINESS ticket at one of the entrance gates.

  • 14) Is it possible to exchange a regular trade visitor ticket for a BUSINESS ticket?

    Sorry, it is not possible to swap tickets in this way. If you have any other questions, please write us an e-mail to: businessclub@book-fair.com